Mike Petty
Fenland History
on Fridays

with Mike Petty, Spring 2012

Fenland History on Friday with Mike Petty is not a club or society. It’s just meetings at which people with an interest in the fens come to meet with others who have an interest in the fens. It gives an opportunity to tell of discoveries and seek knowledge. They started in February 2004 and have continued weekly from October to May since then. Speakers range from academics detailing their latest research to enthusiasts giving their first public presentation. Each will have an enthusiasm they want to share with people keen to learn more about their area. Meetings are held at Ely Library each Friday until mid May, 10.30 to noon, £2.50 on the door. All are welcome – but there are only 50 seats so it’s best to come early

Not a Club, not a Society – just meetings about our area

An Illustrated Introduction to the History of the Fens by Mike Petty AND Guest speakers
























Spring 2013

January 18th
Fenland Photographers: an illustrated presentation about the men and women who have photographed the fens since the 1850s
Mike Petty
January 25th
Cromwellís settlers, 17th-century Thorney: the hidden story of the Huguenots who settled on the drained Fenland
Margaret Fletcher
February 1st
Vintage Accessories and the History of Cambridge Market Hill: Sarah Martin, who has a range of vintage clothing accessories from Art Deco to the 1970s at Elyís Waterside Antiques; was interested in the history of Cambridge Market Hill where she has a stall. So I said if you come and show your wares, Iíll tell you something about Cambridge
Sarah Martin & Mike Petty
February 8th
Looking Down on the Fens: views from above as recorded by balloonists and aviators from the 1800s to 2012
Mike Petty
February 15th
Votes for Women?: the story of the struggle for suffrage in Cambridge
Sue Slack
February 22nd
A Passion for a Quiet Country: cycle rides in Cambridgeshire 1904-1925 from the diaries of A.C. Benson of Magdalene College and Hinton Hall, Haddenham
David Jones
March 1st
Extraordinary inundations of the sea: archaeological excavations at Market Mews Wisbech reveal the story of repeated flooding
Elizabeth Popescu
March 8th
From Bats to Beds to Books: the Great War Military Hospital on the Cambridge Backs
Philomena Guillebaud
March 15th
One manís flood: Walter Martin Laneís remarkable photographic record of the Fenland Floods of March 1947
Mike Petty
March 22nd
Motherís family: the latest presentation by Elyís local historian
Pam Blakeman MBE
Meetings will continue to May 18th.

For further details contact Mike Petty on 01353 648106 or email